Part 1. Start here. How to etch large slabs of iron meteorites. Pallasite Seymchan.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Russian method to etcing meteorite slabs

A nice description of how to etch meteorites we can find at Read here:"To etch a meteorite you can immerse the surface in a solution of 5% nitric acid and 95% alcohol. It usually takes one to five minutes to properly etch a surface. The amount of time is dependent on the meteorite, the potency of your solution (which will decrease as you etch), temperature, etc. Etching is a art that requires much experimenting and experience."
That is a classic method.
Russians use other chemical and little bit other method. Just watch a short video.
A big country, huge meteorites, nice people....

Sorry for quality. Video made by ordinary digital photo camera.